Sylvia’s Story:

Three months following a successful hip replacement I realised I was very unfit and walking badly… so I joined Hilary’s Nordic Walking Group.  Both problems were resolved very quickly. I went along to a taster session, Hilary lent me some poles and I was instructed on the correct use of Nordic walking poles.

“I realised it was the ideal way to regain my fitness”

I started in a low level group walking for about 45 minutes, this included further instruction. The time and distance was gradually increased, I then joined a higher level group walking for about 90 minutes. Two years down the line I’ve joined my local groups and walk between 7 and 10 miles three times a week. I always use my poles, whether walking in the countryside or on a London walk.

“I highly recommend Nordic walking”

Using poles gives a whole body workout and takes weight off the joints in the legs. They give stability when walking on uneven or muddy ground and are a great help on hills.

“Join a Nordic walking group, you won’t regret it”

Sylvia's Story - Nordic Walking