What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic walking has its roots in cross country skiing. It is not just ‘trekking’ with poles.

Many of us actually walk very badly, have appalling posture, and rarely use our arms – take a good look at people when you’re next out.

Stand taller, breathe more freely

Mobile phones are always in hand, bags carried on the same shoulder, and sedentary desk jobs, computer work, and less & less movement all take their toll.

By planting the poles at an angle the Nordic walking technique replicates the pushing action that propels the skier forward, & so turns a normal walk into a whole body workout.

Up to 20-40% more calories used than normal walking

A good Nordic walking technique encourages a natural arm swing and, when combined with the pole push, this has many positive benefits for physical wellbeing:

1) Increases mobility and function in the shoulder joint
2) Reduces tension in the muscles of the neck, shoulders and upper back
3) Promotes healthy spine movement
4) Builds muscle strength in upper body
5) Lessens the impact on the spine & lower joints
6) Uses up to 95% of muscles, increasing cardiovascular fitness

Read Sylvia’s story of how Nordic walking helped her regain fitness following hip replacement surgery.

You may be able to enjoy a longer, more energetic walk with less discomfort

And there’s more….

It’s ‘GREEN’ EXERCISE – we do it in the beautiful outdoors, in all weathers, in all seasons. Lift your spirits even on a wet day, give your cheeks a healthy glow, stimulate ALL your senses!

It’s SOCIABLE fun exercise in a friendly supportive group.


"You have no idea how much your inspiration does for me mentally and physically. You should be on prescription."


Boost your mental wellbeing

Suitable for EVERYONE, all fitness levels. A good instructor will be able to adapt the technique to provide you with most benefit.

Discover fantastic local routes, and then enjoy the walks with your family and friends.

Find out more at Nordic Walking UK.