Hilary Warrell Nordic Walking and Pilates
Nordic Walking

About me

I LOVE being active in the great outdoors! I am at my happiest and feel most alive when I am out in the elements – rain or shine, mud or snow – walking, biking, hiking, and taking time to appreciate the beauty of the natural world around me.

So training as a Nordic Walking instructor in 2007 felt like a very natural addition to my existing fitness qualifications, and a perfect way to channel my enthusiasm into encouraging others to get outside, exercise with like-minded friends, and feel good.

For over 10 years now, as a qualified Pilates teacher, I have been promoting healthy balanced mindful movement. Taking time to become more ’embodied’ (more in our bodies, less in our head/thoughts) allows us to be more aware of our posture, where we hold tension, the quality of our breath, how we ‘cheat’ when we move. Only then, can we begin to start unravelling our bad habits and start moving more efficiently with less stress.

The human body is fascinating to me, as is the interplay between the mind and the body, and my teaching is continually evolving as I learn more from a wide variety of inspirational teachers. I am currently exploring more mind & body ‘stuff’ on my 18 month yoga teacher training!

It is exciting for me to be using this knowledge to complement the Nordic Walking and offer participants maximum benefit in both physical and mental wellbeing.

Come and experience for yourself!